Mathematical Descrption of a Microorganism

Athel athel at
Sun Apr 13 10:51:09 EST 1997

In February, Ashokkumar Chilakapati asked:

"I am interested in any work in the area of modelling the behavior of a
microorganism (like the consumption of oxygen, substrate, growth) in
explicit detail. That is, has any work been done to treat a
microorganism as a mathematical construct with some inputs and outputs.
I would appreciate any pointers (web sites perhaps) that you may have."

I didn't see this till today, but as no one else seems to have answered
it either I suppose it's not too late. I can't give a very specific
answer to your question, but I suggest you go through the postings on
the BTK-MCA News Group (, where
you are more likely to find the answer than here. I am in the process of
compiling a list of references for metabolic control analysis
(, including many
contributions on modelling in general, and you may find some pointers
there: at the moment the list is not searchable on the web, but by going
through the titles you may find something. 


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