ecological experiments ?

Gordon Alford galf01 at
Sat Apr 19 12:16:11 EST 1997

Julio Cesar Voltolini ib - biz 7575 <jcvoltol at> writes:
>Dear colleagues, I starting some experiments with my undergraduates 
>students and I would like to use some basic statistics with them but...I 
>do not know what kind of software could be interesting. I am using 
>STATISTICA, SYSTAT and EXCEL but maybe there are another programs 
>designed for teach this kind of basic concepts.

There is a software package used at the University of Auckland called
'R'. The package was written by Prof. Ross Ihaka and Prof. Robert Gentleman
of the University of Auckland and has been primarily designed for the
macintosh although there is a version for the PC as well. As a Masters
student who has demonstrated this package in the undergraduate computer
labs for the last three years I can vouch for its abilities to concisely
convey the basic concepts of statistics.

Gordon Alford (Masters student)
Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Auckland

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