Solaris 2.x on a Pentium?

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> Readers of this note probably know that GCG's Wisconsin Package is
> supported by only a limited number of Operating Systems.  None of these
> to my knowledge runs on an inexpensive Pentium or Power-Mac. machine.

	I think we have to encourage GCG to support Linux. It is
clearly not their intention now (or?...)
> Reading the back of one of the 'Partition Magic' -like software boxes
> today (boot level OS option), I came upon the word 'Solaris' as an
> OS possibility.  
> I know that SUN apparently makes an OS which clearly will run
> upon Pentium machines, called X86, but that system is
> NOT Solaris.

	Yes it is, called Solaris for x86. It is quite a bulk
system for a pentium, sea this from :

"Solaris x86 is the industry's most powerful and versatile UNIX®
operating environment for the Intel® x86 platform. Designed as a
foundation for enterprise computing, it supports major industry
standards and provides high-performance 32-bit UNIX
multitasking, multithreading and multiuser capabilities. Solaris x86
is feature-for-feature identical to Solaris SPARC®, bringing all
the power and functionality of UNIX for RISC to CISC, and
ensuring full interoperability between the leading CISC (x86) and
RISC (SPARC) platforms. And Solaris x86 is scalable from
desktops to super- computers, so that customers can configure
heterogeneous enterprise networks and expand them easily as their
computing needs evolve." 

	Well, I stop here not to full all your mailboxes.
A copy of this mail was sent to help at I think they
will help you finding the  better OS. Also, we make a survey
on GCG performance (see news:// I will
be very inetrested by the pentium runing Solaris performances.

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