ANNOUNCE: MOLMOL 2.4 (Molecule Display and Analysis)

Reto Koradi kor at
Thu Apr 24 19:19:18 EST 1997

Release 2.4 of MOLMOL, a program for display and analysis of molecules,
is now available. While the program has a special focus on the handling
of biological macromolecules, the new release also has better support
for small molecules (like reading of XYZ files).

The main news of release 2.4 is that the program now also runs on
Windows NT and Windows 95, in addition to the previously supported
UNIX systems (SGI, Solaris, AIX, Digital, Linux).

The program was developed as a joint project between BRUKER/Spectrospin
and the group of Prof. Wuthrich at the Institute for Molecular Biology
and Biophysics at the ETH Zurich. It is freely available and can be
downloaded from:

Or the North American mirror site at the University of Toronto:

Additional information can be found on the web page:
Reto Koradi (kor at,

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