transmembrane spans for an entire genome

Todd C. toddc.NoSpAm at
Wed Dec 17 02:08:35 EST 1997

I am interested in reviewing transmembrane spans for all the proteins
across an entire genome such as M. Jannaschii or H. Pylori. 

I've looked at Rost's (PHDtopology) and Persson's (TMAP) and
Frishman's (Predator) programs and all appear to require mulitple
aligned homologous sequences for accuracy > 65%. 

Rost posted transmembrane data for 4 genomes but omitted proteins with
single spans from the result tables. 

Any recommendations for finding or generating transmembrane span
predictions for the complete genomes stored at ?

 Please help.

Todd Cutler - student - UTexas @  Arlington 

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