Metabolic modeling

Athel athel at
Sun Feb 9 17:00:54 EST 1997

Jeff Taylor asked:

"I've got a poster on my wall that illustrates many of the major
metabolic pathways such as the citric acid cycle, pentose pathway, urea
cycle, etc. It seems that there is a simulation waiting for me to code 
it in there somewhere and I'd like to hear from anyone who is working on
such a project."

I'm surprised Pedro Mendes and Herbert Sauro didn't mention in their
otherwise useful responses that you appear to have looked in the wrong
news group, at least, not in the most appropriate one, which is at You'll find lots of stuff there
about topics related to meta-bolic modelling.

Herbert Sauro replied:

"Your're only about about 50 to 60 years too late. Metabolic modelling
has been going on for quite some time..."

Maybe true, if a little unkind, but don't worry, there is plenty left to
do. Actually, I don't know who was doing much of this sort of thing 50
years ago, let alone 60 (what did they do it on? an abacus?). It mainly
started with Garfinkel & Hess in the 1960s.

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