Need new non-proprietary prok seq for Class projects

William S. Hayes william at
Fri Jan 17 03:06:13 EST 1997

Will use bioinformatics tools to analyze your sequences as part 
of a Bioinformatics class project.

Benefits to you:

if you don't have a GeneMark model for your 
organism, I'll make one.  

Any data the students come up with
is yours if you wish.  Will not be finished until end of March.


~5kb per student (have 3 students, but I can
accept from different sources and organisms).  If you have a
lot more, I can run it through GeneMark, develop BLAST data
on all of it and ship it to you.

Be from an organism that has at least 20kb of coding sequence
identified or have over 300kb of unannotated sequence available.
This is necessary for making GeneMark models.

Be unannotated in any of the Internet accessible databases.


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