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Tue Jul 1 13:30:19 EST 1997

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                 Distance Sampling e-mail discussion list

Announcing a new forum for the sharing of ideas and information among 
researchers and practitioners interested in distance sampling survey methods: 
the distance sampling e-mail discussion list.

What is distance sampling?
Distance sampling is a widely used technique for estimating the abundance of 
biological populations.   Distance sampling methods include line transects, 
point transects (variable circular plots), cue counting, trapping webs and 
migration counts.   

How does the list work?
Members send e-mail messages to a central location from where they are 
distributed to everyone else on the list.   Topics for discussion include:
- questions about survey design and analysis (and answers!)
- discussion of new methodological developments
- advice on the use of software tools (program DISTANCE and other packages)
- news about up-coming meetings, workshops and conferences where distance 
    sampling methods will be discussed 
- jobs in distance-sampling fields

How do I join?
Send an e-mail message to the address mailbase at with the 
following in the message body:
	join distance-sampling yourfirstname yourlastname

(e.g., join distance-sampling Joan Smith)

How do I find out more?
Mail questions about the list to the list administrator at 
distance-sampling-request at

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