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Tue Jul 8 16:09:21 EST 1997

Dear netters:

Several days ago, I asked "Could any one provide me some references of 
recent review articles on bioinformatics?" , then almost immediately, I 
received many letters. To my surprise, most of these letters are not about
the reply, on the contrary, they kindly asked me to re-post the messages to 
them. So I think this topic may interest many people.

Now I summarize the responses as follows:

Printed sources about BioInformatics & the InterNet.
Resources, Reviews 1993-1996.

Trends in Genetics 11(6) : 223-228 (June 1995).  World Wide Web resources
for the biologist.  Rob Harper (EBI).

Molecular Medicine 333(10): 645-647 (Sept 1995).  Molecular medicine:
hunting for genes in computer data bases.  Mark Boguski (NCBI).

Kemia-Kemi 22(8): 691-696 (1995).  Marcomolecular modelling for the 21st
Century.  Mark Johnson et al. (Turku, Fi)

Current Opinions in Genetics and Development 4: 383-388 (1994). 
Bioinformatics.  Mark Boguski (NCBI).

Trends in Biotechnology 12: 76-80 (March 1994).  High performance
searching of biosequence databases.  Andrew Coulson (Edin.).

Nature Genetics 6: 119-129 (Feb 1994).  Issues in searching molecular
sequence databases. Stephen Altschul et al (NCBI).

Nature 375: 262 (May 1995).  The boom in bioinformatics (employment
review).  Diane Gershon.

Science 262: 502-503 (Oct 1993).  Managing the genome data deluge. Peter

Nature 376: 647-648. Challenging times for bioinformatics. Chris Sander et
al. (EMBL).

Molecular Medicine Today March 1996: 98-102.  The Web: sequence databases
and homology searching using the World Wide Web.

Science 272: 1730-1732.  Hot property: biologists who compute.  Elliot Marshall.
The Biochemist Oct/Nov 1996: 32-33. Bioinformatics.  Clare Sansom, (Birkbeck).

"Methods in Enzymology", vol. 266 "Computer Methods
for Macromolecular Sequence Analysis"
(1996) R.F. Doolittle Ed.; Academic Press. Up-to-date, and very

Science 273: 545-708 (21 Aug. 1996) Not the entire issue, of course, but
there is a concentration of good articles there.

The URL is
mirrored at

I would like to thank specially the folowing netters:

Dr. Andrew Lloyd
Dr. Georg Fuellen
Dr. Iddo Friedberg

Without their kind help, we can not have so much useful information.

Ren Zhang

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