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The following new web page may be of interest to subscribers of 
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   From the page:

   "The study of artificial self-replicating structures or machines has been 
   taking place now for almost half a century. Much of this work is
   motivated by the desire to understand the fundamental
   information-processing principles and algorithms involved in
   self-replication, independent of their physical realization. An
   understanding of these principles could prove useful in a number of
   ways. It may advance our knowledge of biological mechanisms of
   replication by clarifying the conditions that any self-replicating
   system must satisfy and by providing alternative explanations for
   empirically observed phenomena. The fabrication of artificial
   self-replicating machines can also have diverse applications, ranging
   from nanotechnology to space exploration.
   The following page summarizes research on self-replicating 
   systems, arranged in chronological order. Each system is described by
   the following items: title, author(s), year, model, implementation 
   (e.g., theoretical work, computer simulation, hardware, bioware), 
   reference(s), and a short description. 
   Some figures are available in the following postscript file. 
   You will also find a listing of some general references and events related 
   to self-replication."

Currently, the page describes some thirty-odd works, from von Neumann's
in the late 1940's, to recent ones, hot off the presses.
Moshe Sipper.

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