Searching DNA Seq. for promoter elements, binding sites, etc.?

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Fri Jun 6 12:08:37 EST 1997

In article <5n76p3$3n7 at>, btsmith at (Bradley T. Smith) writes:
>As my subject line indictaes, I am interested in any advice or information
>concerning the searching of DNA sequences for various motifs such as
>protein binding sites, promoter elements, etc.
>I am hoping that there is some sort of software package that uses a large
>database of such motifs to scan query sequences.
>I have heard of something called "Motif" which may or may not be what I am
>looking for.  Although, I think that it may be a a part of GCG, which I'd
>like to avoid if at all possible.  However, if that is my only choice,
>I'll just have to grin and bear it!

Have a look at the following sites:

They provide good web pages for protein binding sites and 
promoter prediction.

 Hope this helps,

Laurent Duret

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