Help in locating modeling software

Ido Dubrawsky ido at
Tue May 6 18:57:25 EST 1997


  My professors are looking to purchase software for molecular protein modeling.
I have been at the MSI site as well as the MAG site.  Specifically, I need more
information about the products Look 2.0 and Insight II.  I am also looking for
information about two other company's software products: Polygen Molecular 
Simulations Inc. and the company that makes Tripost (I'm not sure whether the
company's name is Tripost or if that is the name of the software package).  If
you have any information that you feel might be useful in our evaluation of
these products, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at the address: 

	ido at

I need the information by Friday so that I can prepare a presentation to them
by Monday.  We will be running the software package that we buy on an SGI

Thanks in advance

Ido Dubrawsky
Ph.D. Program in Molecular Biology         E-Mail: ido at
The University of Texas at Austin		  
Austin, TX

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