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                        Objects in Bioinformatics-
         Reusable Software Components and Distributed Computing
                        for the Biological Sciences.

                         18th and 19th June 1997,
            European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK.


Announcing a two day meeting on the role of reusable object-oriented
software components and distributed objects in bioinformatics and the
biological sciences. The widget and object-oriented approach is a
powerful paradigm in which new applications are developed by utilising
pre-existing components interacting in concert, and offers the
possibility of a new generation of bioinformatic tools. In this way
development time is reduced and greater time is spent on data analysis
and knowledge discovery.

The meeting is aimed at those who are interested in, are developing, or
have developed reusable software components that will be of use to the
bioinformatics and biological community. It will also address the
implication and application of distributed object technology to biology
and bioinformatics.

The meeting will include lectures, presentations, poster sessions and
discussion groups on the rapidly expanding and developing fields of
software components and distributed computing from both an academic and
industrial perspective.

Invited talks will cover the application of reusable components,
software libraries, distributed object technology, data visualisation
and the bioWidget Consortium.

Poster stands, each with a dedicated networked computer, are available 
upon which delegates may showcase their work and projects. Participants
are encouraged to submit a brief abstract for a poster relevant to the 
meeting themes. There will be prizes for the best poster presentations.

Full details about the meeting may be accessed at -


The meeting is organised by the European Bioinformatics Institute in
association with the bioWidget Consortium. The meeting will be held in
the newly completed conference facilities at the Wellcome Trust Genome 
Campus in the grounds of Hinxton Hall, Cambridge, UK. The cost of 
registration for the meeting has been kept as low as possible with a 
nominal fee of 25 GBP thanks to generous financial support from Astra,
SmithKline Beecham and Zeneca.

The closing date for early registration is the 18th of May, 1997.

                            Programme for OiB-97

Wednesday 18th June

 8:00 Continental Breakfast

 9:00 Registration Opens

 10:00"Old Bioinformatics meets   Graham        Head of Services, European
      the New"                    Cameron       Bioinformatics Institute

 10:40[Title TBC]                 David Benton  SmithKline Beecham

 11:20 "The bioWidget Consortium" Stan Letovsky The Genome Database, Johns
                                                Hopkins University

 12:00 Lunch Break                Posters and Demonstrations in the Cloisters

 3:00 "The bioWidget API- Design  Steve Fischer CBIL, University of
      Issues and Architecture"                  Pennsylvania
      "Building the bioWidget

 3:35 Repository - QA, QC and     Nathan        The Jackson Laboratory
      Documentation"              Goodman

 4:10 Oral presentation of a      [To be announced - 20th May]
      selected poster

 4:30 Coffee served in the        Poster viewing in the Cloisters

 5:00 "Integrating graphical                    School of Computing and
      components in a visual      John Boyle    Mathematical Sciences, The
      programming environment"                  Robert Gordon University

 5:35 "3-D Graphics and           Hank Shiffman Silicon Graphics
      Visualisation using Java"                 Incorporated

 6:10 Oral presentation of a      [To be announced - 20th May]
      selected poster

 7:00 Conference Dinner           Hinxton Hall

Thursday 19th June

 8:30 Continental Breakfast

 9:30 "Using Distributed
      Interoperable Components   Alan J.         Industry Support,
      with Biological Databases  Robinson        European Bioinformatics
      and Java"                                  Institute

10:05 "Object-Oriented Perl
      Modules for                Steve Chervitz  Dept of Genetics,
      Bioinformatics"                            Stanford University

10:40 Oral presentation of a     [To be announced - 20th May]
      selected poster

11:00 Tea served in the          Poster viewing in the Cloisters

11:30 "New ways of developing
      software for the           Andrew Lyall    Glaxo Wellcome
      pharmaceutical industry"

12:05 "Implementing
      interoperable objects for  David           Bioinformatics Group,
      industrial bioinformatics" Parry-Smith     Pfizer Central Research

12:40 Oral presentation of a     [To be announced - 20th May]
      selected poster

 1:00 Lunch Break                Posters & Demonstrations in the Cloisters

 3:00 "Object-Oriented           Graham Kemp     Department of Computing
      Databases for                              Science, University of
      Bioinformatics"                            Aberdeen

 3:30 "Jade: A simple way to     Jean            CNRS, Montpellier
      connect existing servers   Thierry-Mieg
      to Java displays"

 4:00 "Collaborative Components  Jeroen          Services Research and
      in Bioinformatics"         Coppieters      Development, European
                                                 Bioinformatics Institute

 4:30 Tea served in the          Poster viewing in the Cloisters

 5:00 "EMBOSS: The European      Peter Rice      Informatics Division, 
      Molecular Biology Open                     The Sanger Centre
      Software Suite"

 5:30 "An Object-oriented        David Moss      Dept. of Crystallography,
      Approach to Software                       Birkbeck College
      Reuse in Biomolecular                      

 6:00 "BioBeans and the Java     Luca Toldo      Preclinical Research,
      Molecular Biology                          MERCK KGaA

 7:00 Dinner                     Hinxton Hall

Alan J. Robinson                      Tel:+44-(0)1223 494625
EMBL Outstation                       Fax:+44-(0)1223 494468
European Bioinformatics Institute     Email:  alan at
Wellcome Trust Genome Campus
Hinxton, Cambridge,
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