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			Call for Registration

   The Fifth International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular
                           Biology (ISMB-97)

The ISMB-97 conference will take place from June 21-25 in Halkidiki,
Greece.  May 21 is the last day for early registration for the
conference, so please register now via the WWW at 


Registration fees increase after May 21.  Significant funding has been
obtained for travel to the conference; please apply for travel
fellowships by May 21.  Full information about the conference,
including a fellowship-application form, is available from the ISMB
home pages at:


This year's conference will begin with a day of bioinformatics
tutorials on a range of topics including protein structure prediction,
protein domain discovery, molecular evolution, and computing with
metabolic pathways.  The conference will include three days of oral
presentations of papers published in a peer-reviewed proceedings, as
well as poster presentations.  The last day of the conference will be
devoted to a workshop on automated genome annotation.

Invited talks will be presented by the following scientists:

  Professor Fotis C. Kafatos, Director General, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany
  Professor Richard Lathrop, University of California at Irvine, Irvine CA, USA
  Professor Marcie McClure, University of Nevada, Las Vegas NV, USA
  Professor Hans V. Westerhoff, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Peter Karp for the ISMB-97 Organizing Committee


    Papers accepted for oral presentation
    To appear in the proceedings as full papers


* Increasing consensus accuracy in DNA fragment assemblies by incorporation
of fluorescent trace representations by Carolyn F Allex, Schuyler E Baldwin,
Jude W Shavlik, and Frederick R Blattner

* Standardized Representations of the Literature: Combining Diverse Sources
of Ribosomal Data by Russ B Altman, Neil F Abernethy, and Richard O Chen

* Automatic annotation for biological sequences by extration of keywords
>From MEDLINE abstracts. Development of a prototype system Miguel A Andrade
and Alfonso Valencia

* Protein Sequence Annotation in the Genome Era: The Annotation Concept of
SWISS-PROT + TREMBL by Rolf Apweiler, Alain Gateau, Vivien Junker, Claire
O'Donovan, Fiona Lang, Sergio Contrino, Maria Jesus Martin, Nicoletta
Mitaritonna, Stephanie Kappus, Amos Bairoch

* Dynamite: a flexible code generating language for dynamic programming
methods used in sequence comparison by Ewan Birney and Richard Durbin

* Data Mining for Regulatory Elements in Yeast Genome by Alvis Brazma, Jaak
Vilo, Esko Ukkonen and Kimmo Valtonen

* Application of Genetic search in derivation of matrix models of peptide
binding to MHC molecules by Vladimir Brusic, Christian Schoenbach, Masafumi
Takiguchi, Vic Ciesielski and Leonard C Harrison

* Prediction of enzyme classification from protein sequence without homology
by Marie des Jardins, Peter D Karp, Markus Krummenavker, Thomas J Lee and
Christos A Ouzounis

* A knowledge base for D. melanogaster gene interactions involved in pattern
formation by Jirtme Euzenat, Christophe Chemla and Bernard Jacq

* Domain Identification by Clustering Sequence Alignments by Xiaojun Guan

* RIFLE: Rapid identification of Microorganisms by fragment length
evaluation by Henning Hermjakob, Robert Giegerich and Walter Arnold

* Decision support system for the evolutionary classification of protein
structures by L Holm and C Sander

* Better Prediction of protein cellular localization sites with the k
nearest neighbors classifier by Paul Horton and Kenta Nakai

* The context-Dependence of amino acid Properties by Thomas R Ioerger

* Detection of distant structural similarities in a set of proteins using an
efficient graph-based method by Ina Koch and Thomas Lengauer

* Two methods for improving performance of a HMM and their application for
gene finding by Anders Krogh

* A fast heuristic algorithm for a probe location problem by Brendan Mumey

* Enumerating and Ranking discrete motifs by Craig G Nevill-Manning, Komal
SSethi, Thomas D Wu and Douglas L Brutlag

* Automatic Knowledge Base Construction from Biological Papers by Yoshihiro
Ohta, Yasunori Yamamoto, Tomoko Okazaki, Ikuo Uchiyama and Toshihisa Takagi

* Neural Network Prediction of Translation Initiation Sites in Eukaryotes:
Perspectives for EST and Genome analysis by Anders Gorm Pedersen and Henrik

* Large scale protein modelling and model repository by Manuel C Peitsch

* Novel Techniques for Exploring Biological Information by Alan J Robinson
and Tom Flores

* Cartagene: Constructing and Joining Maximum Likelihood Genetic Maps by
Thomas Schiex and CGaspin

* Predicting enzyme function from sequence: a systematic appraisal by Imran
Shah and Lawrence Hunter

* Hierarchical Protein Structure Alignment using both Secondary Structure
and Atomic Representations by Amit P Singh and Douglas L Brutlag

* The gene-finder computer tools for analysis of human and model organisms
genome sequences by Victor Solovyev and Asaf Salamov

* Automated alignment of RNA sequences to pseudoknotted structures by Jack E
Tabaska and Gary D Stormo

* Inference of Molecular Phylogenetic Tree Based on Minimum Model-based
Complexity Method by Hiroshi Tanaka, F Ren, T Okayama and T Gojobori

* SEALS: A System for Easy Analysis of Lots of Sequences by D Roland Walker
and Eugene V Koonin

* Inferring gene structures in genomic sequences using pattern recognition
and expressed sequence tags by Ying Xu, Richard J Mural and Edward C

* Bayesian adaptive alignment and inference by Jun Zhu, Jun Liu and Charles


Papers accepted for poster presentation - To appear in the proceedings as


* Self-organising neural maps of the coding sequences of G-protein-coupled
receptors reveal local domains associated with potentially functional
determinants in the proteins by Arrigo P, Fariselli P and Casadio R

* Beta-sheet Prediction Using Inter-strand Residue Pairs and Refinement with
Hopfield Neural Network by Minoru Asogawa

* Code generation through annotation -- a prototype using macromolecular
structure data by John Biggs, Calton Pu and Philip Bourne

* RIBOWEB: Linking Structural Computations to a Knowledge Base of Published
Experimental Data by Richard O Chen, Ramon Felciano and Russ B Altman

* Density of States, Metastable States, and Saddle Points Exploring the
Energy Landscape of an RNA Molecule by Jan Cupal, Christoph Flamm, Alexander
Renner and Peter F Stadler

* Incorporating global information into secondary structure prediction with
hidden Markov models of protein folds by Valentina Di Francesco, Philip
McQueen, Jean Garnier and Peter Munson

* Protein Folding class predictor for SCOP: approach based on global
descriptors by Inna Dubchak, Ilya Muchnik and Sung-Hou Kim

* Finding common sequence and structure motifs in a set of RNA sequences by
J Gorodkin, LJ Heyer and GD Stormo

* Identifying chimerism in proteins using hidden Markov models of codon
usage by Lawrence hunter and Barry Zeeberg

* Non-Local energy profile maker:a www server to assess protein structures
by Francisco Melo, Damien Devos, Eric Depiereux and Ernest Feytmans

* Sources of multi-body interactions within the graph of protein structure
by Peter Munson and Raj K Singh

* A computer support for genotyping by PCR- Multiplex by Pierre Nicodeme and
Jean-Marc Steyaert

* PDB-REPRDB: Database of representative protein chains in PDB (PROTEIN DATA
BANK) by Tamotsu Noguchi, Kentaro Onizuka, Yutaka Akiyama and Minoru Saito

* Modelling Antibody Side Chain Conformations Using Heuristic Database
Search by David W Ritchie and Graham JL Kemp

* A CORBA server for the radiation hybrid database by P Rodriguez-Tome, C
Helgesen, P Lijnzaad and K Jungfer

* Extraction of Substructures of Proteins Essential to their Biological
Functions by a Data Mining Technique by K Satou, T Ono, Y Yamamura, E
Furuichi, S Kuhara and T Takagi

* Modeling Transcription Factor Binding Sites by Gibbs Sampling and Minimal
Description Length Encoding by Jonathan Schug and G Christian Overton

* Adding Semantics to Genome Databases: Towards an Ontology for Molecular
Biology by Steffen Schulze-Kremer

* Generating benchmarks for multiple sequence alignments and phylogenic
reconstructions by Jens Stoye and Dirk Evers and Folker Meyer

* Protein Model representation and construction by M Sullivan, J Glasgow, E
Steeg, L Leherte and S Fortier

* A new plug-in software architecture applied for a portable molecular
structure browser by Yutaka Ueno and Kiyoshi Asai

* Finding better cutters for protein mass fingerprinting by Michael Wise,
Tim Littlejohn and Ian Humphery-Smith

* Functional Prediction of B. subtilis genes from their regulatory sequences
by Tetsushi Yada, Takahiro Ishii, Yasushi Totoki and Kenta Nakai

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