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Andreas Matern alm13 at cornell.edu
Thu May 29 15:56:57 EST 1997

In article <boullon.25.0008A23D at fcu.um.es>, boullon at fcu.um.es (José
Villalaín) wrote:

> I am trying to obtain a list for different free, share and pay-ware 
> software for teaching Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 
> Does anybody know any address were to get such a list ?.
> Many thanks in advance.
> Jose Villalain
> boullon at fcu.um.es

You might try http://www.shareware.com/ they have a searchable index. 
Also <ftp://ftp.ari.net/%2fpub/MacSciTech/> may be useful as well as your
nearest info-mac <ftp://mirror.apple.com/mirrors/Info-Mac.Archive/>.

Good luck....

Andreas Matern
alm13 at cornell.edu
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Dept of Plant Breeding and Biometry
Cornell University
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