Announce: DRAGON (v. 4.17.6) is now available

Robin Munro rmunro at
Fri May 30 13:41:18 EST 1997


DRAGON Version 4.17.6 is now available in SGI executable format
at the following site:-

DRAGON is a protein modelling tool using Distance Geometry.
It was developed at the Division of Mathematical Biology of
the National Institute for Medical Research in London
between 1993 and 1996. DRAGON attempts to predict
the tertiary structure of a small soluble protein, given
its sequence, the secondary structure and possibly a set of
interresidue distance restraints. If the structures of
some of the sequences in the multiple alignment is known,
then you can attempt comparative modelling. DRAGON communicates
with you through a simple command-line interface which is used
to specify parameter values and input filenames.

Further information and references can be found at:-

Andras Aszodi

(PS. This message was posted by Robin Munro on behalf of A.A.)

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