Call for Papers: Computational Fluid Dynamics

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Mon Sep 15 01:22:14 EST 1997

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-Symposium Organizers



Fluid-Structure Interaction Committee

1998 Joint ASME/JSME Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference
July 26 - 30, 1998
San Diego, California

Technical sessions are being organized on the advances in computational
techniques for modeling fluids, fluids interactions with solids via
conjugated heat transfer or load coupling, fluids interactions with
complex physical and chemical processes and their applications to solve
industrial problems at the 1998 ASME/JSME PV&P Conference.  The
symposium is designed to provide a forum to industrial/academic user
community, and code developers  for idea exchange in the following:

-computational research and software development
-experiment studies related to equipment design and code verification
-design optimization case studies using CFD & experimental prototype

Invitation will be extended to prominent experts to participate in
special topic presentations.  Outstanding papers will be nominated to
FSI Committee for Best Technical and Theoretical Paper Award.  Young
Engineers/Researchers (Ph.D Students and Graduate Engineers) are
encouraged to
participate.  Papers are being solicited in, but not limited to, the
following areas:

- Industrial Applications of CFD and Numerical Thermal Analyses
- Recent Challenges in Code Validation
- Thermal Fluid-Solid Coupling
- Thermal Stress-Fluid Coupling
- Fluid Flow and Chemical Process Coupling
- Fluid Flow and Computational Physics/Chemistry Coupling
- Fluid-Solid Interactions and Moving Boundary Problems
- Design Applications Using New Computational & Experimental
- Flow Analysis Based Shape Optimization
- Algorithms and Code Development
- Commercial Codes and Challenging Case Studies
- Large Scale Numerical Problems: Beyond 1 million cells
- Flow Visualization and Thermal/Chemical Species “Mapping”

SCHEDULE: Submit 200-word abstract by September 30, 1997 with the
contact author’s complete affiliation, address, e-mail, telephone and
Fax numbers.  Authors of accepted papers will be notified by October
15, 1997.  Drafts of selected papers are due November 30, 1997 for
review.  The final papers are due March 1, 1998. Abstracts and papers
should be sent to one of the following organizers:

in USA:                              in JAPAN:

Dr. Vladimir Kudriavtsev             Dr. Satoyuki Kawano
System Engineering                   Institute of Fluid Science
Watkins-Johnson Company              Tohoku University
440 Kings Village Road               2-1-1 Katahira, Aobaku
Scotts Valley, CA 95066              Sendai 980-77
USA                                  JAPAN
Phone (408)439-4553                  Phone +81-22-217-5265
Fax    (408)438-6826                 Fax   +81-22-217-5311
E-mail  vladimir.kudriavtsev at  E-mail  kawano at 

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