[Re: PICT format]

Petr Kuzmic pkuzmic at biokin.com
Thu Sep 18 22:58:10 EST 1997

Athel wrote:

> Instead of the CopyBits call, the suggestion was just to stick all the
> Quickdraw calls one would use for drawing on the screen between
> OpenPicture and ClosePicture. You also need to write 512 zero bytes at
> the beginning of the file.
> This produced a file less than 5% of the size that DeltaGraph seems to
> think necessary, with results that are indistinguishable when read into
> SuperPaint and printed. This again raises the question of what on earth
> DeltaGraph needs 1.6 MB to say: even the PICT file must be pretty
> bloated given that expressing a bit map as vectors presumably means
> storing the instructions for drawing 10000 lines of zero length. 

Question for Macintosh gurus from a casual programmer:

Do I remember correctly that there is an internal limit on how large a
PICT file (the stuff begween OpenPicture and ClosePicture) can be?  Last
time I forcing the Mac to write PICT files, everyhing went very nicely
until some of them had gotten so large that graphics programs (e.g.,
Canvas - my favored) were no longer able to display them.


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