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|> I'm a member of a committee which was recently appointed by the Swedish
|> Foundation for Strategic Research.  The committee is supposed to
|> come up with a proposal for a national 5-10 year program to boost
|> (read "bootstrap") research and education (graduate and undergraduate) in
|> bio-informatics in Sweden.
|> As part of this task, I'm looking for input from other places.
|> If you have the time, I would appreciate feedback on the following points.
|> 1. Are there agreed definitions of the terms "Bio-informatics"
|>    and "Computational molecular biology" which you can point me to?

A few pointers to definitions are listed at
But these are probably no ``agreed definitions''... I'd be interested
in them as well !

|> 2. What are the current research topics in bio-informatics, and
|>    which topics do you think should be given priority?

As Bob Phair said, interaction between biologists and computer scientists/
mathematicians is the most essential. Otherwise, resulting software
may either lack biological relevance/accuracy, or maintainabilty/efficiency

|> 3. Can you point me to education programs (graduate or undergraduate)
|>    in bio-informatics in your country or elsewhere?

See the large list at
The VSNS-BCD Hypertext Coursebook at
will soon undergo renovation for the planned 1998 VSNS-BCD Biocomputing Course.

|> 4. How can interactions between computer scientists and biology/genetics
|>    researchers be fostered?

Virtual courses are an excellent way doing that ;-) See

best wishes,
Georg Fuellen,
Univ. Bielefeld, Research Group in Practical Comp. Science

|> Thank you very much in advance,
|> Mats Carlsson, PhD                   Email:    matsc at
|> Intelligent Systems Lab
|> SICS, PO Box 1263, SE-164 29  KISTA, Sweden

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