Marc Saric Marc.Saric at
Mon Sep 29 16:08:43 EST 1997

Hi all,

I have a problem concerning compilation of a Fortan77-program:

I have obtained a licensed (academic/non-commercial) copy of Molscript,
a program written by Ph.D. Per Kraulis from Pharmacia & Upjohn Inc. to
generate Postscript-drawings of Molecules (from PDB-files).
The package is written in Fortran on a SGI and has to be compiled by the
user for his own system. Unfortunately I was not able to compile the
sources under Debian Linux 1.2 (x86 Linux with ELF-fileformat). As far
as I can see, I have installed the g77-compiler correctly, but the
compiler terminates with an error-message.
Same is with fort77 (a f77 to c translator which utilizes gcc as
I don´t know much about Fortran77, therefore I am not able to solve this
problem by myself.

I would be extremly happy if someone could provide me with a precompiled
version of Molscript (for x86-Linux or (if this is possible at all



Marc Saric


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