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UC Berkeley Extension will offer a three-day course, "An Overview of 
Computational Chemistry for Biomedical Applications," on Mon., Nov. 17 
through Wed., Nov.19, from 9 am to 5 pm at UC Extension Downtown, 150 
Fourth St., San Francisco. Course fee is $1,295 and includes computer 
use, connect time and extensive course materials. Those registering 30 
days in advance receive a $50 discount.  Team enrollments may be 
discounted to $1,195 per person for three or more people. (Early 
registration discounts do not apply to team enrollments.)  For a 
brochure, call (415) 323-8143 or e-mail eiw at  To 
register, call (510) 642-4111 or visit the course website at 

Instructors are Michael Colvin, Ph.D., a research chemist in the Biology 
and Biotechnology Research Program at Lawrence Livermore National 
Laboratories, and Douglas Henry, Ph.D., a senior scientist at MDL 
Information Systems, Inc.    

This hands-on course introduces computer-assisted molecular modeling, 
with an emphasis on practical application of the simulations and on 
understanding the strengths and limitations of different methods.  
Participants will gain an overview of the range of chemical modeling 
methods from first-principles quantum chemistry on small biochemicals to 
hueristic homology-searching on large proteins. The computer lab will be 
open for three hours at end of each day's session for the completion of 
course labs and work on modeling projects related to private research.

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