Linux for large scale sequencing?

Sean Eddy eddy at
Wed Feb 11 17:06:14 EST 1998

Arne Elofsson <arne at> writes:
> No problems, however NFS prestanda of linux is really bad (sometimes a
> factor of 4 slower than on solaris). So write to local disks when you
> write a lot of data

Not sure what you mean by "prestanda" here. 

Linux NFS is just fine, but comes configured in a way that typically
takes a 4x speed hit. The default NFS read/write size in Linux is 1024
for historical reasons. For better performance on disks mounted from
Solaris or IRIX NFS servers, set wsize=4096,rsize=4096 in the options
in /etc/fstab for NFS mounted disks.

- Sean Eddy

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