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Sat Mar 7 00:48:57 EST 1998

Contributions are invited for a special issue of the Constraints Journal
on Constraints in BioInformatics and BioComputing:

Bioinformatics is the development and application of methods in
informatics for approaching problems in molecular biology, whereas
Biocomputing uses naturally occurring architectures and behaviours as
models for computational methods, for example neural networks, genetic
algorithms, genetic programming and DNA computing. 

Submissions are solicited from from researchers working in any of these
exciting fields; topics include (but are not restricted to) the
application of constraint technology to 

    sequencing and sequence analysis 
    languages for the description of biomolecular structures (primary,
		secondary and tertiary) 
    description of sequences and patterns in biomolecular databases 
    algorithms for locating structures in biomolecular databases 
    discovery and data mining of biostructures 
    protein folding problems 
    neural networks 
    genetic algorithms 
    genetic programs 
    DNA computing 

Papers that combine theory and practice are especially welcome. 

Authors are strongly encouraged to ensure high quality of both
the biological as well as the computer science aspects of their submissions.

General information for authors is available at the URL below; we would
envisage keeping to the page limit of 35pp:

Deadline:  1 June 1998
Submissions (preferably by email as encapsulated postscript) to:

D R Gilbert                                tel:  +44-171-477-8444 (direct)
Department of Computer Science             fax:  +44-171-477-8587
City University, Northampton Square      email:  drg at
London  EC1V 0HB, UK            

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