Braid & knot theory in protein folding and genetics?

Thomas Harke harke at
Thu Nov 19 23:29:05 EST 1998

Alex <emacser at> writes:

>Never mind, I heard from someone in the know that the guy I was reading
>is full of hot air.


>> Hi.  I read recently that braid theory has some bearing on the protein
>> folding problem, and knot theory has some bearing on genetics.  Could
>> someone point me at some references which explain how?

I haven't looked too closely at this but there does seem to be
some substance here.  In particular, I thought somebody was able to
deduce the sequence of actions of enzymes based on the abundance of 
different knots.  It hardly uses full-blown knot theoretical things like
Seifert surfaces and linear skein theory, but if it solves a problem which
is otherwise difficult then it is worth considering.

Unfortunately, my biology is weak.  Do any of you biologists have
any comments?

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