Bioinformatics Tools on the Internet Workshop

Donald D. Bustamante dbustama at
Mon Oct 12 13:39:02 EST 1998

The National Biotechnology Information Facility will be presenting
a workshop titled "Bioinformatics Tools on the Internet" hosted by 
the Center for Plant Biotechnology Research at Tuskegee University in 
Tuskegee, AL on November 20-21, 1998.  This workshop will be an overview
of the
bioinformatics/computational molecular biology tools available for
use over the Internet.  It is intended for university faculty and
staff in the areas of molecular biology/biochemistry and for graduate
students who desire an understanding of protein and nucleic acid
sequence analysis, but have little knowledge of what tools are
available on the Internet and how to use them.

For additional information visit the National Biotechnology
Information Facility WWW site at
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