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: >  I would like your thoughts about witch computer is best for sequence
: >  analysis.
: The model which will run your software! Seriously, you start by figuring out 
: what software to use, and let that decide.

Since much of the software is cross-platform (and there are substitutes
for that which isn't), I'm not convinced this is a big issue. 

I think that anything you want to do will be doable on any platform,
except possibly Amstrads :-)

I would say go for the computer that you find easiest to use and that you
are most comfortable with - bear in mind that sequence analysis might not
be all you want to do . . .

And you will need a good, reliable internet connection - which may not
come as standard on your machine of choice.  Showing my colours (-: , Macs
come with built-in 'out of the box' ethernet connections these days.

: >  I understand most software is for Unix, isn't it?
: Yes, but which unix flavour? That's the real problem, if it runs under Linux 
: you'd go for a PII with a fast graphics card that's well supported by X 

The G3 PPCs run Linux too - see


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