Computer for sequence analysis

Al Wang alwang at
Mon Oct 19 12:17:55 EST 1998

On 15 Oct 1998 10:56:07 -0700, Bent.Nagstrup at (Bent
Nagstrup) wrote:

>>  I would like your thoughts about witch computer is best for sequence
>>  analysis.
>The model which will run your software! Seriously, you start by figuring out 
>what software to use, and let that decide.
>K6's are generally not good due to their rather poor floating point 
>>  I understand most software is for Unix, isn't it?
>Yes, but which unix flavour? That's the real problem, if it runs under Linux 
>you'd go for a PII with a fast graphics card that's well supported by X 
>(Matrox cards are always a good bet), but if it only runs under Irix or SunOS 
>- well then the decision is already made.
As another option to keep in mind, it is possible to run Solaris on an
Intel box...  Not terribly fast, but if you need economic hardware and
the compatibility of Solaris, it's an option.

Al Wang

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