How to sort data between GeneMap and dbEST?

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Thu Dec 23 12:16:00 EST 1999

I've seen this done, but haven't a clue as to how to go about it.  A
look at Gene Map 99 will show you that most of the genes mapped are
undocumented ESTs, with a GeneMap specific ID given on the table.  My
task is to sort these ESTs by the tissue specificity data contained in
dbEST.  Drilling down through the individual web page links in GeneMap
will give an accession number for the ESTs, but I need to collect this
data for hundreds of ESTs in order to match them up with their dbEST
info.  Do I need to obtain the GeneMap info in another form?  Is there a
table somewhere that lists both accession numbers and Gene Map IDs?  I
believe that if I can get everything into separate flat files I can sort
them out in Access.  Is this the best way (fastest) of going about it?

There must be some way of accessing these databases that doesn't rely on
the inflexible web interfaces.  How is this done?  I expected that this
application would be common for gene mapping, but I can't find any
readily available solution.

Mike Holloway
holloway at

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