Special Issue "Computational Neuroscience"

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                    SPECIAL ISSUE
             Computational Neuroscience
              Guest Editor: Rolf Kötter


Trends in European Computational Neuroscience 
	Rolf Kötter

Contrast Adaptation and Infomax in Visual Cortical Neurons
	Péter Adorján, Christian Piepenbrock, Klaus Obermayer

Single Cell and Population Activities in Cortical-like Systems
	Fülöp Bazsó, Ádám Kepecs, Máté Lengyel, Szabolcs Payrits,
        Krisztina Szalisznyó, László Zalányi, Péter Érdi

Computational Models of Predictive and Memory-related Functions of the
	Roman Borisyuk, Michael Denham, Susan Denham, Frank Hoppensteadt

Using Realistic Models to Study Synaptic Integration in Cerebellar
Purkinje Cells
	Erik De Schutter

Towards an Integration of Biochemical and Biophysical Models of Neuronal
Information Processing: A Case Study in the Nigro-striatal System
	Rolf Kötter, Dirk Schirok

Interaction of Cortex and Hippocampus in a Model of Amnesia and Semantic
	Jaap M.J. Murre

Properties of the Evoked Spatio-temporal Electrical Activity in Neuronal
	Giulietta Pinato, Pietro Parodi, Alessandro Bisso, Domenico 
        Macrì, Akio Kawana, Yasuhiko Jimbo, Vincent Torre

What Can Robots Tell Us About Brains? A Synthetic Approach Towards the
Study of Learning and Problem Solving
	Thomas Voegtlin, Paul F.M.J. Verschure

Publication date: October, 1999. 

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