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Thu Jul 8 17:14:00 EST 1999

        BOSS '99 - 2nd BOLOGNA SUMMER SCHOOL on Biotechnology

              10-16 October 1999 - Bologna (Italy)

        Main topics will be: data mining and retrieval, protein sequence

        analysis, protein structure prediction and functional genomics.
        Round table discussions will focus on "hot" topics of proteomics

        at the end of the millennium.

        Miguel A. Andrade - EMBL, Heidelberg DE
        Rolf Apweiler - EBI, Hinxton UK
        Pierre Baldi - Net-ID, Caltech, Pasadena USA
        Geoff Barton - EBI, Hinxton UK
        Soren Brunak - Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby DK
        Georg Casari  - LION bioscience AG, Heidelberg DE
        Rita Casadio  - CIRB, Bologna IT
        Mario Compiani - CIRB, Bologna IT
        Piero Fariselli - CIRB, Bologna IT
        David Jones - University of Warwick, Coventry UK
        Beate Marx - EBI, Hinxton UK
        Burkhard Rost - Columbia University, New York USA
        Michael Sternberg - Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London UK

APPLICATION should be submitted by e-mail to:

      e-mail: school at

You will be notified by e-mail of acceptance.
Maximum number of participants is limited to 30 students.
Deadline for application is  August 20/1999
Registration will be paid upon acceptance with modalities to be

More information can be found on the BOSS99 Web page at:

      L. Masotti (CIRB) and R. Casadio (CIRB)
Scientific Committee:
      R. Apweiler, S. Brunak, B. Rost, R. Casadio, A. Valencia
Organizing Committee:
      M. Compiani (CIRB), P. Fariselli (CIRB), E. Rossi (CINECA), G
Maino (ENEA)
Local Committee:
      PL. Martelli (CIRB), I. Jacoboni (CIRB), I. Rossi (CIRB).


      CIRB - c/o Dept. of Biology, University of Bologna
      via Irnerio 42, I-40126 Bologna (Italy)
      tel: (+39) 051 354005 fax: (+39) 051 242576
      e-mail: school at

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