PCR band analysis

Thomas L. Selby tselby at chemistry.ohio-state.edu
Mon Jun 28 19:51:33 EST 1999

Check out NIH image.


 It is fairly simple to use. It runs on Macintosh platform though.  If you
need a PC version, check out a company called Scion.  They make the PC
version of NIH image.

Nat Goodyer <ngoody at po-box.mcgill.ca> wrote in message
news:01bebdac$234372c0$dabdce84 at MOG1.mcgill.ca...
> I was wondering whether quantitative band analysis (doesn't have to be
> accurate, I just want to know if it's there or not) is possible with a
> personal flatbed scanner and some kind of software...  If so what software
> should I pick up?

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