Workshop on Single Particle Reconstruction from Electron

Ben Vendeland benv at
Fri Mar 12 17:13:56 EST 1999

The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center will offer a workshop on Single
Particle Reconstruction from Electron Microscope Images on July 21-24,

This workshop will cover techniques of 3D reconstruction of single
biological macromolecules imaged by cryo-electron microscopy,
on the level of SPIDER scripts, and efficient use of parallel

The following topics will be included:
theory of EM image formation, projection theorem, sampling, alignment
classification, determination of orientations, 3D reconstruction and
refinement, CTF Correction, visualization and interpretation. Practical
sessions will be devoted to EM image processing using SPIDER system
on supercomputers. Special topics will include reconstruction of
macromolecules and introduction to EMAN, an automated processing system.

Instructors for this workshop include Prof. Joachim Frank, Prof. Wah
Dr. Pawel Penczek, Dr. Steve Ludtke, Dr. Philip R. Baldwin and Dr.
Christian Spahn.

To register for this workshop, or for more information,
please check the following URL:

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