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Wed Mar 24 18:44:17 EST 1999

>>>>> "P" == Paul Brebner <brebs at> writes:

P> Does anyone know of news groups, mailing lists, Web sites,
P> organisations or individuals with opinions on or interest in:

P> 	scientific computing OR scientific software OR natural science

P> 	(particularly in large scientific research organisations)

P> 	AND any of the following:

P> 	software engineering best software development practice object
P> oriented languages and methods software architectures enterprise
P> systems modular/scalable distributed systems Java

If you're interested in scientific simulation software (particularly
applicable in the biological and resource sciences), you might try
looking at the Swarm site:

Swarm is a software package for multi-agent simulation of complex
systems being developed at The Santa Fe Institute. Swarm is intended
to be a useful tool for researchers in a variety of disciplines. The
basic architecture of Swarm is the simulation of collections of
concurrently interacting agents: with this architecture, we can
implement a large variety of agent based models. Our initial target is
Unix machines running GNU Objective C and X windows: the source code
is freely available under GNU Licensing terms.

We host several mailing lists, one is on technologies and philosophy
of agent-based modelling <swarm-modelling at> in scientific


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