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Energy Quadratic, Information Loggish. (OK, Logarithmic, see if I care.)

David Lloyd-Jones icomm5 at netcom.ca
Mon Nov 8 20:45:19 EST 1999

Chris Hillman wrote a note about the idea of having a look-up menu to leap
the chasm between information which is measured logarithmically and energy,
which he said was "quadratic."

I don't have the original quote, and it is off my ISP's server. Sorry.
Still, the guilty know who they are.


What does "energy is quadratic" mean? (I don't want to sound challenging
here: I hope you're right, but I'd like to know in some detail what you were
thinking when you wrote that.)



Aside to Gad Yagil:


I still think about you often. I think your irreverent comment about Chris
dragging in whatever mathematical dead sparrow he happened to have chewed on
that morning was about right; do not, however, think that this means I will
allow you to get away with all your tripe about complex and heirarchical
information in biology. You simply have a mild case of Chris's disease.

The information transferred on DNA and other carriers is simply information.
"Only" Shannon-type information. It has wondrous effects because it has
wondrous mechanisms on the receiving end.


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