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                             Call for Papers


  Journées Ouvertes: Biologie, Informatique et Mathématiques (JOBIM)

                           3 days in May 2000
                     in the (true and warm) sunshine

JOBIM is a french conference open to all french-speaking and/or
France-loving persons working at the frontier between biology,
computer science, mathematics and physics, and interested in the
analysis, comparison and exploitation of genomic data. It is
particularly aimed at attracting young researchers, whom it wishes to
encourage. This conference is also meant to become an yearly meeting
place for the bio-math-computer-science community, in an agreeable
setting which should favor exchanges.

The meeting will take place in the Montpellier region, in May 3, 4 and
5 2000, with the possibility of extending the week-end. The conference
fee has not yet been completely determined. However, since the
conference is supported by the IMPG ("Informatique, Mathématiques et
Physique for Genomics") ministerial action, the fee will not be
high. It will very significantly favour people with a paper accepted
for oral presentation and young researchers.

JOBIM's subjects cover all areas of research specific to this
interdisciplinary field. Among these, are included:

        - algorithms on words
        - comparative cartography
        - evolution and phylogeny
        - data- and knowledge-bases 
        - functional analysis
        - genome annotation
        - graph theory and combinatorics applied
          to biology 
        - macromolecular structures (RNA and proteins)
          and interactions
        - metabolic pathways and regulatory networks
        - statistics and classification

This list is not exhaustive.

Program committee:

        Joël Alexandre
        Vincent Berry 
        Philipp Bucher 
        Dominique Cellier 
        Maxime Crochemore
        Antoine Danchin
        Pierre Darlu
        Gilbert Deléage
        Laurent Duret
        Gwennaele Fichant
        Patrick Forterre
        Nicolas Galtier
        Christine Gaspin
        Jean-François Gibrat
        Alain Guénoche
        Manolo Gouy
        Jacques Haiech
        Bernard Jacq
        Richard Lavery
        Hans-Peter Lenhof
        Arthur Lesk
        François Major
        Gene Myers
        Hervé Philippe
        Bernard Prum 
        François Rechenmann
        Jean-Loup Risler
        Eric Rivals
        Pierre Rouzé
        Claude Thermes
        Alain Viari
        Tandy Warnow
        Eric Westhof

Presidents:    Olivier Gascuel  (LIRMM, Montpellier)
               Marie-France Sagot (Institut Pasteur, Paris)

Organizing committee:
        Vincent Berry (LIRMM Montpellier)
        Eric Rivals (LIRMM Montpellier)

President : G. Caraux (LIRMM et ENSA-M Montpellier)

Conference Secretariat:

        JOBIM, UFR Math. et Informatique
        Agro Montpellier
        2, Place P. Viala
        34060 - Montpellier cedex 02

        Email: jobim at

        Fax : 33 (1) 04 67 52 14 27


1. Type of contributions

Three levels of submission are possible. Interested persons are
invited to submit, in french or in english:

        - Either a short abstract of one page minimum presenting
          interesting results, possibly already published;
        - Or an extended abstract of 8 pages maximum describing
          work that has not been published, but that may have been
          submitted to another conference or to a journal;
        - Or a survey paper on one of the conference's themes.

The selection will be done with a very open spirit. Selected abstracts
or papers will be presented orally and will appear in the conference

Beside these proceedings, a collection of chosen papers will appear in
a special volume of Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Springer &
Verlag) that is scheduled to appear at most 6 months after the
conference. The papers in the collection will be written in english
and will describe original work not previously published or submitted
for publication elsewhere; they will be the object of a second reading
process. The program committee will pre-select among the extended
abstracts and survey papers those they deem susceptible of being
published in an extended version in this special volume.

Authors interested by the publication of their paper in this volume
must MENTION IT EXPLICITLY at the time of submission of their extended
abstract or survey paper.

2. Where to submit

Interested authors are invited to submit three copies of their
contribution on paper to the conference secretariat.

3. How to present the submissions

To allow for an homogeneous presentation of the contributions, the
authors must respect a standard format.

This format is described in a file that may be recovered from the web
page of the conference whose URL is:


        30 November   : Reception of the contributions (short or
                        extended abstracts and survey papers) 
        31 January    : Notification to the authors
        28 February   : Reception of final papers
        3-5 May       : Conference
        15 June       : Reception of the extended versions in 
                        english for pre-selected papers

Since the schedule is very tight, the deadlines will be firm.

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