cDNA-PDB mapping

Iddo Friedberg idoerg at
Thu Dec 14 14:18:16 EST 2000

Dear all,

I need to map codons to PDB sequences. So far, the only way I see to go
about it is to go from PDB --> SwissProt --> GenBank, which is a bit of
a longwinded process, as PDB sequences seldom match SwissProt ones, and
sometimes there are disagreements between SwissProt and the GenBank/EMBL
sequence they point to (e.g. a dropped initial Methionine, etc.) Does
anyone know of a database which contains that information? I am well
aware of ISSD, but it seems to be rather small.

Or, if someone has written any code which does that, and is willing to
share, that will be great too.

Please reply to my email address (as well as to this newsgroup), I tend
to miss out on postings.

Thanks in advance,



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