Funding for microarray research

"Rasooly, Rebekah NIDA rrasooly at
Mon Jan 3 11:12:43 EST 2000

NIDA is pleased to announce that an RFA (Request for Applications) has
issued to support drug abuse-related research using microarrays. There
are many
innovative ways in which microarray technology can be applied to drug
research, including, but not limited to:
1) characterizing expression patterns in neural cells in response to
2) profiling the expression of genes involved in drug metabolism
3) identifying unique patterns of gene expression associated with
addiction, the
response to environmental cues that promote relapse, or other drug abuse
4) as a tool in the study of behavioral genetics.
NIDA intends to commit approximately $2,000,000 in FY 2000 to fund 
approximately five or six new three-year R01 or R21 grants in response
to this
The deadline for submitting a letter of intent is February 28, 2000, and
applications must be received by March 28, 2000. For more information
the precise application guidelines, please see the complete RFA, at
Or contact:

Rebekah S. Rasooly, Ph.D.
Program Director, Cell Biology & Genetics
Division of Neurobiology & Behavioral Research
National Institute on Drug Abuse/NIH
6001 Executive Blvd.
Room 4260, MSC 9555
Bethesda, MD  20892-9555

301-594-6043 fax

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