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The Fifth International Conference on Complex Systems

Conference Announcement and Call for Papers

Date: 19-22 November 2000, 3-4 days
Place: Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand

Theme: Applied Complexity - From Neural Nets to Agricultural Soils, and
all that lies in between

For registration, paper submission and detailed information, please

Important deadlines: Paper submissions by 31 May 2000

Aim: Much of complexity work to date has dealt with abstract modeling,
while people who most deal with real complex systems (ecology to
economics) are virtually unaware of progress. The conference will bring
together the abstract with the realistic and show advances in complex
system theory and modeling which have been applied to real world
situations or hope to be heading that way.

Background: "Applied Complexity" is the fifth of a series of conferences
on Complex Systems in Australasia and the first in New Zealand. The
first conference (From Biology to Computation) was held at the
Australian National University, Canberra, in 1992. Subsequent
conferences were held at the University of Central Queensland,
Rockhampton, 1994 (Mechanisms of Adaptation); at Charles Sturt
University, Albury, 1996 (From Local Interactions to Global Phenomena);
and at University of New South Wales, Sydney, 1
998 (Complexity Between the Ecos - From Ecology to Economics). "Applied
Complexity" expands the international tradition of these conferences and
expects a wide participation from around the world.

Audience, disciplinary interests: Complex systems cross boundaries
between disciplines, thus we expect to elicit interest in disciplines
ranging across mathematics, computing, physics, chemistry, climatology,
biology, psychology, neural sciences, information sciences, social
sciences, anthropology, ethnobiology, economics, modeling, conservation,
and management to cite only a few at a broad level. However, to maintain
a clear focus, paper presented must deal explicitly with issues within
those fields that 
suggest the extraction of broad rules which may be applicable across
complex systems of a different nature.

This conference is for you if:
You work in real-life complex systems (e.g. agriculture, economy,
psychology, conservation, social studies, history) and wonder whether
there could be more holistic approaches to scientifically comprehend
You have heard of chaos theory, complexity, catastrophe theory,
artificial life, artificial intelligence, self-organization, etc. and
believe they are applicable to your problem but don't know the right
people to establish a working relationship
You work with computer simulations of complex systems (e.g. genetic
algorithms, information science, fitness landscapes, ecological and
agricultural modeling, etc.) but wonder how this will ever be connected
to real-life complex systems

Complex Systems 2000 brings these strands together in a meeting which
encourages the initiation of important collaborative research, as well
as updating the most research advances in the field.

We look forward to seeing you in Dunedin!

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