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Thu Jul 13 15:03:11 EST 2000

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> > Subject: Bioinformatics texts
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> > Hello all,
> > 
> > I am a molecular biologist and want to break into the field of
> > computational biology from this side.  Can anyone please recommend good
> > beginners texts in algorithms (one that does not assume a lot of math,
> > maybe leaning toward biological applications), bioinformatics,
> > programming
> > etc. that can get me up and running.  I have fairly clear ideas of what I
> > want to achieve but want to learn what tools exist for me out there and how
> > I can tinker with those tools to ask new questions.
> > 
> > I'm probably asking a lot but any ideas on books or the kind of approach I
> > should take would be most appreciated.
> > 
> > Thanks for your help.
> > 
> > Martin Cann
> > 
> > Department of Pharmacology
> > Weill Medical College of Cornell University

I would suggest a rather different approach.  Rather than start with the
used in bioinformatics, I would suggest that you learn some very basic
skills.  Take Intro to Comp. Sci. 101 and 102 at your local community
college so you
can learn the basics of programming logic, debugging, UNIX, etc.  Then
move on to databases.
Again, take the basics that they teach to young geeks in training.  I am
also a big
fan of web programming.  Learn the basics of HTML and a language that is
for building CGI scripts such as Perl or Python.  

With this basic training under your belt, you will be much better equipped
to understand
and improve upon bioinformatics algorithms.

Stuart M. Brown
Bioinformatics Consultant
NYU Medical Center, 550 First Ave, NY, NY

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