Transcription Factor correlation with genes

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> Transcription factors, for the most part, determine the
> expression levels of genes in different tissues. I want to begin looking
> at
> some of the correlations between transcription factors and genes with
> respect to different types of human tissue (heart vs. brain vs. kidney
> etc.).
> My idea is to look at ESTs generated from different tissues and identify
> those ESTs that correspond to known genes. Then I want to search
> PubMed or some other database and determine whether or not a particular
> gene is associated with a particular transcription factor. I would like
> to make this strategy as automatic as possible because I don't want to
> burn out my eyes staring at the computer screen 24 hours a day. 
> Any suggestions are more than welcome. 
> //William Nelson
> Stockholm, Sweden 

Associated ESTs with tissues is essentially what has been done at the NCBI
Genome Anatomy Project

Perhaps that can be a starting point for you.

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