Supercomputing workshop free to Pennsylvania students and researchers

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Wed Nov 22 13:02:03 EST 2000

                 Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
                 Parallel Processing Techniques Workshop

PSC will offer a workshop to students and researchers associated with
Pennsylvania academic institutions. The workshop is designed
for people who have an interest in applying high performance
computing to their teaching or research or who are simply
interested in knowing more about parallel computing.

	      Application deadline: November 29, 2000
Location: Mellon Institiute
Date: December 4-6, 2000


The purpose of this three day workshop is to introduce participants to
parallel processing and to explore more advanced topics, including 
message passing, performance monitoring and optimization techniques.

To ensure quality training, our workshops incorporate both lectures and
extensive hands-on lab sessions. Programming exercises are carefully
designed to reinforce concepts and techniques taught in class. Our
instructors have strong scientific and technical backgrounds and are
available for individual consultation during lab sessions.

   * A working knowledge of FORTRAN or C and UNIX is required.
   * Parallel computing experience is not necessary.

AGENDA and LECTURE NOTES: can be found on line at


Registration fees are waived to students, professors or researchers
associated with academic institutions in the state of Pennsylvania.

Please complete and submit the online registration form at:

or complete and mail to:

     Workshop Application Committee
     ATTN: Marcela Madrid
     Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
     4400 Fifth Avenue
     Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

You may also apply for this workshop by sending the requested
via electronic mail to workshop at or via fax to (412/268-5832).

For additional online information, please visit the workshop's homepage
at or contact the
coordinator at workshop at


Housing and travel are the responsibility of participants.

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