computational biology resources

Daniel Harkness cheez at
Mon Nov 27 17:45:43 EST 2000

I am a bigtime newbie in the fields of computational biology and
bioinformatics.  I am a molecular biologist who woke up one day with an
interesting idea on how to scan DNA sequence for trends and patterns.
Having just completed my first Java course as well as my first DNA
sequence analysis application, I am now ready to become further immersed
(confused?) in this field.  If someone might have the time I would
appreciate the following feedback:

1) for a newbie, what are the absolute necessary journals to which to

2) what are some lists and group to which I should belong (besides this
one?) to find updates on seminars and conferences.

3) if there is anyone who has any info on groups in my geographical area
- San Francisco - that would be very helpful as well.

Dan Harkness

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