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Catherine Letondal letondal at
Wed Nov 29 14:42:42 EST 2000

_>I am a bigtime newbie in the fields of computational biology and
>bioinformatics.  I am a molecular biologist who woke up one day with an
>interesting idea on how to scan DNA sequence for trends and patterns.
>Having just completed my first Java course as well as my first DNA
>sequence analysis application, I am now ready to become further immersed
>(confused?) in this field.  If someone might have the time I would
>appreciate the following feedback:
>1) for a newbie, what are the absolute necessary journals to which to
>2) what are some lists and group to which I should belong (besides this
>one?) to find updates on seminars and conferences.
>3) if there is anyone who has any info on groups in my geographical area
>- San Francisco - that would be very helpful as well.
>Dan Harkness
You may find informations in the BioNetbook_:

- Biology = [bio-computing]

- journals and publications related to bio-computing:
Resource = [bibliography] AND Biology = [bio-computing]

- seminars, conferences:
Resource = [forums, meetings] AND Biology = [bio-computing],+meetings&bio=bio-computing

Catherine Letondal -- Pasteur Institute Computing Center

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