Announce: VMD 1.6 Released

John Stone johns at
Sat Jan 13 02:50:18 EST 2001

Hi Mark,
  The problem with RedHat 7.0 is likely a lack of patches on your
system.  RedHat fixed a bunch of problems after the release, which 
you can easily put onto your machine by running their 
"RedHat Update Agent"....  I'm running RedHat 7.0 on my laptop and
VMD 1.6 works fine on it (after running their update agent).

Let us know if you need more help with this,

  John Stone
  vmd at

In article <3A5E1C1D.775F7472 at>, Mark Addinall wrote:
>John Stone wrote:
>Thanks very much.  I seem to be having all sorts of
>trouble getting it to run under RedHat 7.0
>Anyone else tried this>
>Mark Addinall

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