Biology vs Comp Sci? (soon-to-be student asking!)

Eleni Koutso ekoutso at
Mon Jul 16 13:04:25 EST 2001


May I suggest that you make your desicion based on what you REALLY like.
The rest (jobs, money, etc.) will come if you do what you really want/enjoy
to do.
Don't make it one more materialistic question, it's about what you'll be
doing for a living for the rest of your life. Better choose something you
enjoy. You enjoy Biology? Go for it.
No CS person enjoys the money if they don't like what they're spending their
time on.


"Marie B" <marie_coma at> wrote in message
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> hi,
> I am going to start university soon enough and I would like to get
> some information ... probably only grad students could answer.
> What are the employement availabilties for newly graduating biology
> students (bachelor level)?  I imagine it's nowhere near what Comp Sci
> students get ...
> how about job type (lab, field, teaching) for biology students ... how
> is that? and starting salaries?
> If anyone can give me inside information about this I would GREATLY
> appreciate it.  It's difficult to decide for something so important
> with so little info!
> thanks!
> M.
> PS: if you prefer email than posting try me at: marie_coma at

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