IBM and protein folding problem

Jacob Goldstein jacobjulius at
Wed May 9 22:04:57 EST 2001


I am a freelance journalist interested in the protein folding problem (i.e.
the difficulty of predicting tertiary structure based on primary structure).
I am curious about whether there has been any reaction from the scientific
community to IBM's ongoing effort to build a supercomputer ("Blue Gene") to
tackle the problem.

The only media reports of IBM's effort seem to have been fluffy stories that
essentially re-wrote IBM's press releases.  I am interested in taking a more
skeptical, critical approach to the story--if such an approach can
reasonably be taken.

If anyone in this group is familiar with the IBM project--or, for that
matter, if anyone has any suggestions for protein folding stories that would
be of interest to the general public--I would love to hear from you.

Thank you very much.

Yours truly,
Jacob Goldstein

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