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                     CALL FOR PAPERS

                     *** ICSB 2001 ***

    The Second International Conference on Systems Biology

          The California Institute of Technology
                     Pasadena, CA, USA

                     November 4-7, 2001


         Paper submission deadline: July  15, 2001

              PDF version of this announcement:

Systems Biology is the synergistic application of experiment,
theory and modeling towards understanding biological processes as
whole systems instead of isolated parts.  Understanding
biological processes from the systems perspective is an essential
cornerstone of a true understanding of biological function.

The Second International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB2001)
will bring together researchers working in systems biology and
related areas to present the current status of their research and
to discuss future directions for the field.  This year, ICSB2001
will be held during November 4-7, 2001, at the California
Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California, USA.

The conference will begin with tutorials and workshops on the
morning of Sunday, November 4.  The formal scientific sessions
will begin on Monday, November 5, at 8:30 AM and end at noon on
Wednesday, November 7.  The sessions will feature keynote
speeches and invited presentations by world-renowned
researchers, along with afternoon poster sessions and evening
social activities.


Dr. Alfred G. Gilman -- Nobel laureate and head of the Alliance
                        for Cellular Signaling

Dr. David Botstein   -- Chair of the Dept. of Genetics at Stanford

A third keynote speaker will be announced shortly.


Paper submission deadline:      July  15, 2001
Poster submission deadline:     Sep.   2, 2001
Tutorials                       Nov.   4, 2001
Technical sessions              Nov. 5-7, 2001


With this announcement we solicit paper submissions to the
meeting.  Relevant topics include (but are certainly not limited
to) the following:

    Quantitative behavioral measurements for systems biology
    Quantitative microscopy and imaging methods
    Metabolomic arrays
    Gene expression arrays
    Mass spectrometry
    Pharmacological methods
    In vitro reconstituted systems

    Metabolic control theory & biochemical systems theory
    Biological engineering control theory
    Stochastic and multiscale simulation
    Robustness, modularity and evolvability
    Network structure and dynamics
    Spatiotemporal systems
    Optimization methods
    Bifurcation analysis

    Modeling of gene, signal and metabolic networks
    Novel computational algorithms
    Software for system biology
    Standards for systems biology
    Databases for systems biology
    Visualisation of networks and dynamics
    Application of modeling to drug targeting

Full-length papers submitted to the conference by the deadline
(July 15, 2001) will be reviewed by a panel of experts and judged
on quality, originality, clarity and topical content.  Poster
abstracts submitted to the conference will be accepted as-is.
Accepted papers, along with the abstracts of posters and invited
presentations, will be published in a printed proceedings volume
distributed at the conference.  The full papers and abstracts of
posters and presentations will also be made available online at prior the conference.  In addition,
papers accepted for the conference will be submitted to a special
issue of a journal to be announced.  The papers will be reviewed
separately by the journal's editorial board; a subset of the
papers will be selected for publication as a special issue of the

Please visit the web site ( or contact us
directly (icsb2001 at for information about format
requirements and submission procedure.


John Doyle      -- California Institute of Technology
Mel Simon       -- California Institute of Technology
Hiroaki Kitano  -- ERATO Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project, JST,
                   and The Systems Biology Institute


Tau-Mu Yi       -- Division of Biology, Caltech
Michael Hucka   -- Control and Dynamical Systems, Caltech
Herbert Sauro   -- Control and Dynamical Systems, Caltech
Mineo Morohashi -- ERATO Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project, JST

mailto:icsb2001 at

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