mouse transcribed sequence database

Florent Crepineau crepineau at
Mon Nov 26 13:04:44 EST 2001


I am looking for a database of all transcribed mouse sequences. Especially, 
I am looking for a database with the rikken clones and all the EST, cDNA... 
assembled in contigs/consensus.
The ideal database would also contain the different polyadenylation site as 
well as the different sequences that can arise at one site, alternative 
splicing, SNPs, tissu source and protein function.

Does that ideal database exist ?

I am involved in a SAGE project (identification of cDNA by short 10/14 n. 
sequence located at a unique/precise (nearest to the 3') restriction site 
on the cDNA) , and I was wondering how all this phenomena affect cDNA 
identification (I know for the sequence at the polyadenylation site, it has 
been published but I have no ref for the others).

Thank you for reading my message.

Dr Crepineau

ps : does anybody know if I could use rat sequence to identify mouse tag ?


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