jalview on Linux

Tim Cutts timc at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Tue Sep 4 17:58:33 EST 2001

In article <Pine.SGI.3.95.1010831170946.1850117G-100000 at asparagin.cenargen.embrapa.br>,
Daniel John Rigden  <daniel at cenargen.embrapa.br> wrote:
>I need to get a good multiple alignment editor working on my Linux
>machine.  I like Jalview but, as a novice, get tangled in the java
>Has anyone had success with Jalview on Linux?  What's the secret?!  Or, is
>there a good alternative out there?  Seaview seems to be the best of the
>rest but lacks a lot of Jalview's features.

Jalview worked beautifully for us here - we use Debian Linux, not Red
Hat.  I just installed the Debian java package (no configuration
required other than the installation command) and then installed
Jalview.  Needed to edit Michele's wrapper csh script so that it uses
our local SRS server, and to tell it where jalview.jar is, but that was

I've had much more difficulty getting it to work on Solaris, and in fact
now have the wrapper script transparently run it on one of the Linux
boxes if someone tries to run it on a Sun!


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