PDB file from primary protein sequence

Paul Boardman peb at bms.umist.ac.uk
Wed Apr 17 20:13:17 EST 2002

Mohit Bhatia wrote:
> I am a final year student of chemical and bio engineering.
> I am working on predicting secondary structure of protein from its
> primary base pair sequence ie Primary structure. I want to know:
> how can i obtain PDB file form my primary protein sequence so that i
> can run that in RASMOL

er... if any of us could answer that question we would be rich and famous!

you could have a read of some of the research papers to come out of Scheraga's
lab in Cornell University.  I remember an excelent keynote speach by him which
described the ab initio predicion of protein structure.

I hope you've got a lot of computing power & time.

If on the otherhand you are wanting to predict secondary structure (not tertiary
structure which is what RASMOL displays) then there are lots of programs out
there to do this.  A google search with the keywords 'secondary structure
prediction programs' brings up lots of interesting hits.


Paul Boardman

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